About Us


Teachers should not only impart knowledge, but also improve their teaching practices to strive for academic excellence.
Students should not only learn, but also long for learning excellence so that they could lead the way for themselves, their peers and even their teachers.
So what is the definition of “excellence”? The answer could be in our T&L book.
Just like the logo of our Teaching and Learning Section@CTL, the pursuit of excellence starts with the chapters teachers and students co-write, in the years we spend together at university. Then pages after pages, chapters after chapters, the light-bulb moments will keep going, forming a never-ending book.
All around our T&L book are the sparkles, fuelled and ignited by our teachers’ passion and our students’ curiosity.
My dear students and teachers, let’s pen this book together, and may our Teaching & Learning Enhancement Section walk alongside you in this lifelong journey of excellence.

The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, established in 2015 under the Centre for Teaching and Learning, is dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning community at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK). We partner with faculty, students and administrators to foster student learning and inspire effective and innovative teaching throughout the University.


As the teaching hub of the University, we support the University’s teaching and learning mission by nurturing excellence in teachers so that they in turn can create high quality learning experiences for students. We advance innovative and effective approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum and educational technology practices within and across the University’s diverse disciplines.

  • We foster and enhance pedagogy that is inclusive, student-centred, and effective.
  • We embrace and explore the purposeful use of emerging technologies and digital innovations in the classroom and beyond.
  • We share evidence-based and effective teaching and learning practices.
  • We provide orientation, professional training and innovation opportunities for teachers.
  • Provide our HSUHK teachers with professional training and learning via seminars and workshops in line with their academic and experiential learning needs;
  • Engage teaching practitioners and researchers in the field of higher education through forums and seminars;
  • Organise various kinds of learning-centred activities to encourage our students’ engagement in planning and implementing; and
  • Introduce proven and promising teaching practices and technology to improve academic excellence; and 
  • Coordinate the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme and the corresponding teaching excellence sharing activities, including sharing sessions conducted by the awardees and the “My Teaching Story” publications. 

Our Staff

Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Dr. Holly CHUNG
Associate Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning (Teaching and Learning Enhancement)
Senior Lecturer, English
Ms. Cherry YEUNG
Executive Officer, Centre for Teaching and Learning (Teaching and Learning Enhancement)