TEDxHSUHK 2024: Unmoor

TEDxHSUHK embarked on its sixth introspective expedition, themed “Unmoor”, on 7 June 2024. Anchored in the belief that life’s boldest journeys begin with a single act of release, the event invited participants to explore the essence of letting go. Our speakers shared their pivotal moments of cutting ties with the old—be it a job, a belief, an identity, or a personal connection—and embracing the uncertainty and potential of what lies ahead.

Organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and the Common Core Curriculum Office (CCCO), HSUHK’s TEDxHSUHK 2024 event featured an impressive lineup of speakers who captivated over 100 live attendees and 1,000 online viewers.

At TEDxHSUHK 2024, our speakers shared transformative stories of letting go and embracing new paths. Innocent Mutanga, Founder of Africa Center Hong Kong and investment banking professional, inspired with “Reclaiming Your Narrative: The Power of Owning Your Story”, recounting his journey from refugee to social enterprise founder. Nick Cheuk, director and scriptwriter, discussed fresh starts in “Brand New Days”, while Kevin Tong, writer, counselor, and founder of Wounded Healer Counseling, explored the balance of picking up and letting go. Oshima Den, YouTuber and coach of the Hong Kong Women’s Softball Team, reflected on perseverance in “How Softball and Persistence Made Myself Today”. Kong Wan-ki, tutor and co-founder of the Hong Kong Sign Language Association, tackled decision-making in “Resolving Doubts”, and Orange Tam, first professional organiser in Hong Kong and founder of the Hong Kong Association of Professional Organizing (HAPO), shared insights on transformation through decluttering. Christy Yiu, athlete, running Coach, and insurance financial adviser, highlighted her journey from nurse to record-breaking runner, illustrating the power of determination. Lai Chi-wai, former Hong Kong climbing team delegate, wheelchair climbing coach, and co-Founder of Ignite Community Services, concluded with “Persistence and Letting Go”, sharing his remarkable story of resilience as a paraplegic rock climber.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the TEDxHSUHK student co-organisers and the whole team of dedicated student volunteers for their invaluable contributions. Their efforts in various capacities, such as speaker coordination, multimedia production, promotion, souvenir design, stage and site management, and more, were instrumental in making the event a resounding success.

TEDxHSUHK 2024 speakers, (last row in the middle) Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development), Professor Jeanne Fu, Vice-President (Learning and Student Experience), and student crew 

Lai Chi Wai

Kong Wan-ki

(From left) Innocent Mutanga, Oshima Den, Christy Yiu, Nick Cheuk, Orange Tam and Kevin Tong

FinTech x ChatGPT: HSUHK’s Innovation Project Competition 2024

Now celebrating its 9th year, the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024, organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), has once again elevated its mission to instill a spirit of innovation among our students. The Competition concluded triumphantly on 21 March 2024, with the Pitching Competition and Awards Presentation Ceremony.

The theme for 2024,
FinTech x ChatGPT, invited the brightest minds of HSUHK to delve into the realm of AI and develop innovative FinTech solutions that harness the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. From personalising financial advice to revolutionising payment systems, students were challenged to envision the future of finance and take the first step in turning that vision into reality.

The Competition has always been more than a mere showcase—it is a comprehensive learning journey. As September 2023 ushered in the beginning of the Competition, teams of aspirant innovators across the university began to take shape. As the calendar pages turned, the ensuing months were a period of intense creativity and focus: the InnoXplore series, designed to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the field of FinTech. From mastering the art of persuasive proposal writing to exploring the transformative potential of AI in insurance, each event was carefully crafted to provide the participants with an edge for their upcoming pitches. Industry leaders contributed their wisdom through a series of workshops, talks and visits, setting the stage for participants to engage with the latest FinTech trends and practices.

As the Competition entered its final stages, consultation sessions conducted by Dr Joyce Chan, Lecturer, Common Core Curriculum Office (CCCO) in February and March 2024 offered a golden opportunity for teams to receive tailored advice, helping to polish their proposals into their final, competition-ready form.

The spotlight then turned to 21 March, where teams gathered for the Pitching Competition and Award Presentation Ceremony. It was the day that the teams laid bare the fruits of their labour before a panel of esteemed judges, including the head judge Ms Elaine Chan, (Data Science and Management Director of AXA Hong Kong), Dr Chi Kit Chan (Director of Institute for Youth Sustainability Leadership, HSUHK), Mr Frazer Lam (Chief Information Officer of China CITIC Bank International), Ms Rebecca Lim (Founding partner of AutoML Capital and Automated Machine Learning Limited), and Dr Thomas Man (Director of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, HSUHK).

True to the spirit of innovation, the presentation format pushed the boundaries of traditional pitching. Participants were tasked with crafting multimedia presentations, and then delivering their pitches on stage. This format tested not only their technical and creative skills but also their ability to articulate complex ideas succinctly and powerfully.

Winners were presented with the Martin Ka Shing Lee Innovation Awards, which were funded through a HK$20 million donation in 2023 from Dr Martin Lee Ka-shing, GBS, JP, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation to promote innovation and technology, as well as youth development.

As this CTL’s annual Competition drew to a close and the awards were distributed, it was clear that the event was more than just a contest; it was a catalyst for change. The winners, with their certificates shining and their wisdom accumulated, had etched their names into the narrative of HSUHK’s culture of innovation. A resounding round of applause for all the participants who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity. The HSUHK community looks forward to the impactful contributions your FinTech x ChatGPT projects will make in the real world, as you continue to shape the financial technologies of tomorrow.

Awardees of the Competition are as follows:

Champion & Honourable Mention (Presentation) (Playback)
Team name: Marium & Nikk
Theme: Personal finance & budgeting
Team members:
Sabiha Marium (BBA – Finance & Banking, Year 2)
Dominique Alvarado (BBA – Global Business Management, Year 2)
1st Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Proposal Write-up) (Playback)
Team name: Local Vision
Theme: PropTech
Team members:
Lam Ting Hin, Osman (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
Manoj Rayamajhi Chhetri, Mustang (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
2nd Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Innovativeness) (Playback)
Team name: Echo
Theme: Personal finance and budgeting; Leading and financing; PropTech
Team members:
Chan Ka Fai, Robert (BSC – Data Science and Business Intelligence, Year 3)
Sin King Hin, Aaron (BSC – Data Science and Business Intelligence, Year 3)
Honourable Mention (Relevance and Impact) (Playback)
Team name: Xmen
Theme: PropTech
Team members:
Kevin Fung (BBA – Financial Analysis, Year 2)
Wong Lui, William (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
Chau Yat Tung, Easton (BBA – Corporate Governance and Compliance, Year 2)

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 student innovators, together with judges, consultant and guests from Henderson Land Development Company Limited

Champion & Honourable Mention (Presentation): Marium & Nikk and Ms Cynthia Leung, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department, Henderson Land Development Company Limited

1st Runner-up & Honourable Mention
(Proposal Write-up): Local Vision and Ms Cynthia Leung

2nd Runner up

2nd Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Innovativeness): Echo  

Honourable Mention (Relevance & Impact): Xmen and Ms Rebecca Lim

Ms Elaine Chan

Dr Chi Kit Chan

Dr Joyce Chan

Mr Frazer Lam

Rebecca Lim

Ms Rebecca Lim

Dr Thomas Man

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Thursday – Design Thinking: The Gateway to Innovative Entrepreneurship (29 February 2024)

February 29, the leap day in 2024, was the day our HSUHK students literally took a leap in their creative potential. Led by Mr Cyron Chan, Executive Director of MakerBay Foundation, nearly 30 students had a joyful and powerful dialogue on human-centred innovation. As part of the HSUHK Innovative Project Competition 2024 (Theme FinTech x ChatGPT), the “Design Thinking: The Gateway to Innovative Entrepreneurship” workshop took this concept to new heights where our students could get to understand and practise Cyron’s design thinking principles: empathy. One must first deeply understand the experiences and challenges of others, Cyron stressed, to design solutions that resonate. In an interactive exercise, students were paired up to share their personal challenges encountered during the day. They also needed to brainstorm solutions that addressed each other’s challenges, focusing on designing with the user’s needs at the forefront—a true application of empathetic design thinking. As the workshop drew to a close, the participants carried with them the creative potential and the empathetic mindset to apply design thinking principles to their academics, projects, and life in general. This workshop also marked the final chapter in the InnoXplore series where a total of 6 talks, seminars and workshops were tailored to equip our HSUHK students with the tools and mindset to innovate and inspire. Now the agents of change are all ready to embark on another exciting chapter—their “FinTech x ChatGPT” proposal and the upcoming pitching competition dated 21 March.

Mr Cyron Chan explained the 5 steps in “Design Thinking”.

Mr Cyron Chan asked students to brainstorm ideas using the framework.

Students engaged in some hands-on exercise to stimulate their minds.

Students partnered up in doing some hands-on activities under Mr Cyron Chan’s guidance.

The workshop was well attended with around 30 students.

Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning, presented Mr Cyron Chan, with a token of appreciation.

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Thursday – Pitch your Pitch (8 February 2024)

With the aim of equipping students with valuable insights and techniques to deliver compelling pitches, the “Pitch your Pitch” workshop succeeded in drawing nearly 30 enthuasitic students on 8 February, 2024. Delivered by Dr Sue Yip, an experienced university English-language teacher, this skill-based workshop, as part of the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 (Theme: FinTech x ChatGPT), was an interactive hour designed to help students master the art of persuasion, for the Competition, and beyond.

Dr Yip opened the event by sharing a captivating personal travel experience, stressing the importance of understanding the audience’s needs and tailoring pitches accordingly. On top of teaching us how to structure our pitch with an introduction, body and conclusion, Dr Yip also underscored the impact of body language, and shared insights on the significance of captivating the audience’s attention from the outset, speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact, and projecting unwavering confidence throughout the pitch.
One of the highlights of the workshop was the interactive segment where participants collaborated in groups to craft their own pitches, allowing them to apply the principles through the key elements that Dr Yip emphasised: personality, interaction, and body language. Through constructive feedback from our esteemed speaker, our students took home the secrets of pitching with confidence, projecting poise and assurance.

The workshop not only provided attendees with the skills to excel in the competition but also offered a competitive edge in the job market. Exceptional presentation abilities are highly valued by employers, and mastering the art of pitching equips individuals with the tools to stand out from the crowd and seize exciting opportunities.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr Sue Yip, for sharing her expertise and inspiring our attendees. Her engaging presentation style and knowledge left participants feeling empowered and ready to take on any pitching challenge.

Dr Sue Yip enthusiastically gave our students tips on delivering a compelling pitch.

Students collaborated in groups to craft their own pitches under Dr Sue Yip’s guidance.

Students participated in the interactive segment to do their own pitches in front of their peers

Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning, presented Dr Sue Yip, with a token of appreciation.

The event was a great success with nearly 30 students in attendance.

The Henderson: Igniting Innovation in HSUHK’s Future Innovators

On a day marked by inspiration and forward-thinking, The Henderson opened its doors to the future innovators from HSUHK. Our students had the privilege of stepping into the future of PropTech, as they toured the show suite of this new iconic landmark of Hong Kong.

Students from HSUHK were given an exclusive tour of The Henderson’s show suite, where they were introduced to an array of smart technologies that demonstrate the building’s leadership in innovative and sustainable architecture. The visit was a core component of the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 (“the Competition”), organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), encouraging participants to integrate the ethos of FinTech and PropTech into practical, innovative solutions driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially ChatGPT.
The experience was more than a tour; it was a living classroom for innovative ideas. The establishment of the Dr Martin Ka Shing Lee Innovation Awards for the Competition reflects Dr Martin Lee’s visionary thinking and his commitment to nurturing new generations of innovators.
From the moment our students set foot into the show suite, they were amazed by an olfactory welcome and then a symphony of all senses, symbolising The Henderson’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology and art in architecture.
Guided through the show suite, the students learned about the intricate details of The Henderson’s design and construction, with an emphasis on how the building stands as an icon of modern, safe, and sustainable urban development.
Having received knowledge from The Henderson experts— who spoke with passion and depth—our HSUHK students were all greatly enlightened. We express our sincere gratitude to Henderson Land Group for hosting this show suite visit, and to Mr Kevin Ng, Senior Deputy General Manager, Project Management (2) Department, Henderson Land, who helped sow the seeds of change for a brighter and more sustainable future in the minds of our young visionaries. If you wish to know more about The Henderson, please visit https://www.thehenderson.com.hk/.

Students gathered around the model of The Henderson and listened to Mr Kevin Ng’s elaboration on the concept of the design.

Mr Kevin Ng shared with students the innovative and sustainable technologies of The Henderson.

Students enthusiastically asked Mr Kevin Ng questions related to The Henderson.

Mr Kevin Ng, Ms Alice Chan (Senior Manager, Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office, HSUHK), Mr Tony Tong (Senior Officer, Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office, HSUHK), Ms Stephanie Au (Senior Officer, Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office, HSUHK), Ms Cherry Yeung (Executive Officer, Centre for Teaching and Learning (Teaching and Learning Enhancement)) and students posed for a group photo.

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Thursday – Revolutionising Insurance: The Game-Changing Impact of AI Technology (25 January 2024)

Under the overarching theme “FinTech x ChatGPT”, HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 continued with the good spirit of instilling our students with a burst of innovation and an upgrade in skill sets with another talk, as part of the InnoXplore series! On 25 January 2024, Ms Elaine Chan, Data Science and Management Director of AXA Hong Kong & Macau, shared her profound insights on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the insurance industry with over 80 HSUHK students.

During the enlightening talk entitled “Revolutionising Insurance: The Game-Changing Impact of AI Technology”, Elaine offered a fascinating tour through the history of AI, from its conceptual beginnings to the development of generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) and ChatGPT. She expertly navigated the audience through the advancements and milestones that have marked AI’s journey, providing a context for understanding its current and potential applications.

The audience was fascinated by real-life examples Elaine brought along to vividly demonstrate AI’s role in customer service improvements, risk assessments, fraud detection, and personalised policy offerings, illustrating AI’s tangible benefits in the industry.

On top of the various advantages such as increased efficiency and enhanced decision-making, Elaine also balanced the scales by discussing the risks and limitations that accompany the use of AI in sensitive sectors like insurance. Elaine Chan addressed ethical concerns head-on, emphasising the importance of responsible AI use, by humans being a maker and a checker.

A strong advocate for diversity in the tech industry, Elaine also took the chance to encourage young women to pursue careers in technology. She shared her own experiences and highlighted the importance of female representation in shaping the future of AI and tech innovation.

The talk not only provided our students with a good understanding of ChatGPT’s potential but also emphasised the importance of human-Generative AI collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Elaine’s insights offered a glimpse into the future of the insurance industry and how our future leaders in the audience could engage with cutting-edge technologies, embrace innovation, and prepare for tomorrow’s business landscape, while uploading ethical standards.

Ms Elaine Chan shared her profound insights on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the insurance industry.

The talk was well received with more than 80 HSUHK students attending.

Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning, presented Ms Elaine Chan, with a token of appreciation.

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Saturday (13 January 2024)

Under the overarching theme “FinTech x ChatGPT”, InnoXplore Saturday kickstarted the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 with a burst of innovation and an upgrade in the Competition participants’ skill sets! Organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), this half-day workshop series was attended by 44 HSUHK students, fueled with the dedication to explore the cutting-edge interaction between finance and artificial intelligence.
A briefing on the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 set the stage, inviting our students to dream big when collaborating with their teammates coming from different disciplines and fostering an environment of knowledge sharing.

The heart of the morning was dedicated to the art and science of proposal writing. Led by Mr Aaron Au Yeung, Assistant Project Manager of Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES), participants delved into the “Write your Way to Success: Unlocking the Secrets of Winning Proposals” consisting of five key stages: pre-writing, research, drafting, revising and editing. Mr Au Yeung stressed the importance of a compelling argument in a proposal with the intended audience being the priority. This workshop was more than an instructional guide; it was a much-needed lesson in persuasion, strategy, and the subtle nuances that transform good proposals into great ones that truly make an impact.

InnoXplore Saturday then proceeded with the much-anticipated talk by Ms Rebecca Lim, CEO of AutoML Capital. As a leading figure in WealthTech, Ms Lim’s insights bridged the theoretical with the practical, shedding light on the immense potential of FinTech and ChatGPT in transforming the financial landscape.
In addition to the workshop and the talk, participants enjoyed a mingling session, which provided a platform for networking and fostering connections among pioneers of tomorrow. It was a fitting end to a morning dedicated to the spirit of collective advancement and the shared pursuit of knowledge.

Mr Aaron Au Yeung shared his insights on how to craft a successful proposal.

Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning, presented Mr Aaron Au Yeung, with a token of appreciation.

Ms Rebecca Lim shared her insights on the potential of FinTech and ChatGPT in the ever-evolving financial world.

Dr Holly Chung presented Ms Rebecca Lim, with a token of appreciation.

The event was a great success with more than 40 students joining “InnoXplore Saturday”.

Understanding HSUHK’s New Students’ Profile (27 October, 2023)

A sharing session on understanding the profiles of new students, organised by SAO and CTL, conducted by our university counsellor and an SAO representative concluded successfully on 27 October 2023 and attracted almost 30 participants.  The aim was to provide our academic teaching colleagues and administrative supporting staff with a summary of the demographic profile of our new students including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Furthermore, findings on students’ mental health status were also presented. Hopefully, this information will assist them in better planning student development resources for learning and growth.  

由學生事務處與教與學發展中心(教與學發展部) 合辦的「大新生概況分享會」於 2023 1027圓滿結束。本次分享大學輔導學生事務處同事領導, 在場接近30教職員及行政支援人員介紹有關大新生 包括特殊教育需要學生人口特徵 分享學生精神健康狀況的調查結果分享會希望鼓勵同事們更好地規劃學生發展資源促進學習和成長

(From left) Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director of CTL (Teaching Learning and Enhancement Section), Dr Dacon Dai, Councellor and Ms Kary Tong, Student Affairs Officer from SAO during QA session  

(左起)教展中心(教部)副主任可盈博士 生事員 戴民博士生事生事主任唐綽雅女士行問答


Professor Jeanne Fu, Acting Vice-President (Learning and Teaching Experience), gave a closing speech. 



Generative AI in Higher Education: Application & Action (26 & 31 October, 2023)

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) arranged two seminars in the “GenAI in Higher Education and Action” series to address the emerging popularity of Generative AI and ChatGPT. The first seminar, titled “GenAI Playbook – 3 ways to bring ChatGPT into your classroom”, was conducted on 26 October 2023 by Mr Donn Gonda, a Lecturer from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong. The seminar introduced three ways to incorporate ChatGPT into teaching. Participants got the opportunity to engage in hands-on sessions, which will hopefully transform their approach to education and introduce innovative teaching techniques.

The second seminar, titled “Enhancing Education: Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Assessment, Teaching Applications, and Strategies”, was conducted on 31 October 2023 by Ir Dr Y. M. Tang, a Senior Teaching Fellow from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Participants in the seminar discovered how generative AI can unlock new dimensions in assessment design, enabling evaluations that are not only insightful but also efficient and tailored to each student’s progress. From intelligent feedback systems to dynamic assessment frameworks, participants uncovered the limitless possibilities that generative AI brings to their classroom.

教與學發展中心舉辦兩場研討會「生成型人工智能技術:應用與實踐」, 旨在探討人工智能和ChatGPT的興起與普及。 

第一場研討會名為「生成型 人工智能手冊 – 將ChatGPT引入您的課堂的三種方法」,由香港大學教育學院講師Donn Gonda先生在2023年10月26日主持。研討會介紹了三種將ChatGPT有效融入教學的策略。參與者有機會參與實踐環節,從而啟發他們引入創新教學方式。 

第二場研討會名為「提升教育質素:探索生成型 人工智能在評估、教學應用和策略的潛力」,由香港理工大學工業及系統工程學系的高級專任導師鄧育明博士於2023年10月31日主持。研討會參與者了解到生成型 人工智能如何開拓評估設計的新視野,實現既具有洞察力﹑高效且能根據每個學生的進度進行個性化評估。從智能反饋系統到動態評估框架,參與者領會到生成型 人工智能帶給教學的無窮可能。

Mr Donn Gonda

Donn Gonda先生


Ir Dr Y. M. Tang



Teaching Enhancement Seminar #1 (AY2023/24): Support for SEN Students & Case Study Workshop (30 August, 2023)

Support for The Special Education Needs (SEN) Student and Case Study Workshop, jointly organised by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) (Inclusion and Diversity) and the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section of  the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), concluded with great success. Led by Mr Vergo CHENG, Educational Psychologist of Heep Hong Society, the workshop on 30 August, 2023, succeeded in enhancing the awareness of knowledge of our University’s staff about the various types of SEN, common signs, and behaviours associated with them. Over 20 participants had the opportunity to analyse and discuss real-life case studies of university students with SEN. Mr Cheng’s expertise and guidance ensured the participants received comprehensive and practical advice.  

Mr. Vergo CHENG, Educational Psychologist of Heep Hong Society 

Collaborative discussion among HSUHK staff members on effectively supporting SEN students