Teaching and Learning Enhancement, CTL

We partner with faculty, students and administrators

to foster student learning and inspire effective and innovative

teaching throughout the University.

Teachers Impart and Improve;
Students Learn and Lead.

The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section

Teachers should not only impart knowledge, but also improve their teaching practices to strive for academic excellence.
Students should not only learn, but also long for learning excellence so that they could lead the way for themselves, their peers and even their teachers.
So what is the definition of “excellence”? The answer could be in our T&L book.

What We Offer?

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition

Promote to our students a culture of innovation and creativity

Seminars & Workshops for Teachers and Students

Organise for teachers and Students in alignment with their needs

HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards

Coordinate and organise sharing sessions by the awardees


Offer a platform for students to reach people from every discipline & culture


Seminars & Workshops


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Student Engaged

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