FinTech x ChatGPT: HSUHK’s Innovation Project Competition 2024

Now celebrating its 9th year, the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024, organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), has once again elevated its mission to instill a spirit of innovation among our students. The Competition concluded triumphantly on 21 March 2024, with the Pitching Competition and Awards Presentation Ceremony.

The theme for 2024,
FinTech x ChatGPT, invited the brightest minds of HSUHK to delve into the realm of AI and develop innovative FinTech solutions that harness the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. From personalising financial advice to revolutionising payment systems, students were challenged to envision the future of finance and take the first step in turning that vision into reality.

The Competition has always been more than a mere showcase—it is a comprehensive learning journey. As September 2023 ushered in the beginning of the Competition, teams of aspirant innovators across the university began to take shape. As the calendar pages turned, the ensuing months were a period of intense creativity and focus: the InnoXplore series, designed to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the field of FinTech. From mastering the art of persuasive proposal writing to exploring the transformative potential of AI in insurance, each event was carefully crafted to provide the participants with an edge for their upcoming pitches. Industry leaders contributed their wisdom through a series of workshops, talks and visits, setting the stage for participants to engage with the latest FinTech trends and practices.

As the Competition entered its final stages, consultation sessions conducted by Dr Joyce Chan, Lecturer, Common Core Curriculum Office (CCCO) in February and March 2024 offered a golden opportunity for teams to receive tailored advice, helping to polish their proposals into their final, competition-ready form.

The spotlight then turned to 21 March, where teams gathered for the Pitching Competition and Award Presentation Ceremony. It was the day that the teams laid bare the fruits of their labour before a panel of esteemed judges, including the head judge Ms Elaine Chan, (Data Science and Management Director of AXA Hong Kong), Dr Chi Kit Chan (Director of Institute for Youth Sustainability Leadership, HSUHK), Mr Frazer Lam (Chief Information Officer of China CITIC Bank International), Ms Rebecca Lim (Founding partner of AutoML Capital and Automated Machine Learning Limited), and Dr Thomas Man (Director of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, HSUHK).

True to the spirit of innovation, the presentation format pushed the boundaries of traditional pitching. Participants were tasked with crafting multimedia presentations, and then delivering their pitches on stage. This format tested not only their technical and creative skills but also their ability to articulate complex ideas succinctly and powerfully.

Winners were presented with the Martin Ka Shing Lee Innovation Awards, which were funded through a HK$20 million donation in 2023 from Dr Martin Lee Ka-shing, GBS, JP, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation to promote innovation and technology, as well as youth development.

As this CTL’s annual Competition drew to a close and the awards were distributed, it was clear that the event was more than just a contest; it was a catalyst for change. The winners, with their certificates shining and their wisdom accumulated, had etched their names into the narrative of HSUHK’s culture of innovation. A resounding round of applause for all the participants who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity. The HSUHK community looks forward to the impactful contributions your FinTech x ChatGPT projects will make in the real world, as you continue to shape the financial technologies of tomorrow.

Awardees of the Competition are as follows:

Champion & Honourable Mention (Presentation) (Playback)
Team name: Marium & Nikk
Theme: Personal finance & budgeting
Team members:
Sabiha Marium (BBA – Finance & Banking, Year 2)
Dominique Alvarado (BBA – Global Business Management, Year 2)
1st Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Proposal Write-up) (Playback)
Team name: Local Vision
Theme: PropTech
Team members:
Lam Ting Hin, Osman (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
Manoj Rayamajhi Chhetri, Mustang (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
2nd Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Innovativeness) (Playback)
Team name: Echo
Theme: Personal finance and budgeting; Leading and financing; PropTech
Team members:
Chan Ka Fai, Robert (BSC – Data Science and Business Intelligence, Year 3)
Sin King Hin, Aaron (BSC – Data Science and Business Intelligence, Year 3)
Honourable Mention (Relevance and Impact) (Playback)
Team name: Xmen
Theme: PropTech
Team members:
Kevin Fung (BBA – Financial Analysis, Year 2)
Wong Lui, William (BSC – Applied Computing, Year 2)
Chau Yat Tung, Easton (BBA – Corporate Governance and Compliance, Year 2)

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 student innovators, together with judges, consultant and guests from Henderson Land Development Company Limited

Champion & Honourable Mention (Presentation): Marium & Nikk and Ms Cynthia Leung, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department, Henderson Land Development Company Limited

1st Runner-up & Honourable Mention
(Proposal Write-up): Local Vision and Ms Cynthia Leung

2nd Runner up

2nd Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Innovativeness): Echo  

Honourable Mention (Relevance & Impact): Xmen and Ms Rebecca Lim

Ms Elaine Chan

Dr Chi Kit Chan

Dr Joyce Chan

Mr Frazer Lam

Rebecca Lim

Ms Rebecca Lim

Dr Thomas Man