HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Thursday – Pitch your Pitch (8 February 2024)

With the aim of equipping students with valuable insights and techniques to deliver compelling pitches, the “Pitch your Pitch” workshop succeeded in drawing nearly 30 enthuasitic students on 8 February, 2024. Delivered by Dr Sue Yip, an experienced university English-language teacher, this skill-based workshop, as part of the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 (Theme: FinTech x ChatGPT), was an interactive hour designed to help students master the art of persuasion, for the Competition, and beyond.

Dr Yip opened the event by sharing a captivating personal travel experience, stressing the importance of understanding the audience’s needs and tailoring pitches accordingly. On top of teaching us how to structure our pitch with an introduction, body and conclusion, Dr Yip also underscored the impact of body language, and shared insights on the significance of captivating the audience’s attention from the outset, speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact, and projecting unwavering confidence throughout the pitch.
One of the highlights of the workshop was the interactive segment where participants collaborated in groups to craft their own pitches, allowing them to apply the principles through the key elements that Dr Yip emphasised: personality, interaction, and body language. Through constructive feedback from our esteemed speaker, our students took home the secrets of pitching with confidence, projecting poise and assurance.

The workshop not only provided attendees with the skills to excel in the competition but also offered a competitive edge in the job market. Exceptional presentation abilities are highly valued by employers, and mastering the art of pitching equips individuals with the tools to stand out from the crowd and seize exciting opportunities.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr Sue Yip, for sharing her expertise and inspiring our attendees. Her engaging presentation style and knowledge left participants feeling empowered and ready to take on any pitching challenge.

Dr Sue Yip enthusiastically gave our students tips on delivering a compelling pitch.

Students collaborated in groups to craft their own pitches under Dr Sue Yip’s guidance.

Students participated in the interactive segment to do their own pitches in front of their peers

Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning, presented Dr Sue Yip, with a token of appreciation.

The event was a great success with nearly 30 students in attendance.